The socialist elites want a 'forever pandemic' to erode our freedoms

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What does COVID-19 and the climate have in common? They're both excuses to erode your freedoms.

Tonight, on the Ezra Levant Show, I interview Marc Morano, the head of We discuss the global elites, and their incessant power grabs. 

From the COVID-19 pandemic to a ruptured water main in Calgary, socialist leaders do what they do best.

Day after day, Mayor Jyoti Gondek takes to the microphone with outrageous asks. Take shorter showers and flush your toilets less, she says.

Calgary’s city council even discussed making water utility bylaws permanent earlier this month. 

Though pandemic rules are largely a thing of the past, some Calgarians have found a new reason to be unneighborly.

The City of Calgary has had 2,620 water misuse calls and issued 17 violation tickets. Others took to social media to voice disapproval of unnecessary water use.

Suffice to say, the city's water main break has the local population besides themselves.

Ultimately, Gondek's a socialist mayor. She does what socialist mayors do best: make ideological statements.

Click here to order your copy of Marc's book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change.

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