Trucker organizer Tamara Lich is arrested for taking a selfie with one of Trudeau’s political enemies

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On tonight's show, I want to talk about three terrible things that happened today.

The first and most obvious was the shocking arrest of Tamara Lich, the Metis grandmother who helped organize the convoy to Ottawa in January.

Next, the sentencing of a peaceful church in Edmonton called Church in the Vine.

The third happened across the country. I'm delighted that our reporter, Drea Humphrey, went out to Halifax to cover the Mass Casualty Commission inquiry.

GUEST: Tamara Lich's lawyer Keith Wilson, Q.C. (@ikWilson).

Tamara Lich, the leader of the trucker convoy who was arrested and held for weeks without bail, has been arrested again for allegedly violating bail conditions placed on her after being charged for her role in February's demonstration.

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