Trudeau's border police free Tommy Robinson

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I can’t believe it. David just beat Goliath.

Tonight, on the Ezra Levant Show, British national Tommy Robinson has been released by the Trudeau government. He has been given permission to fly to Toronto, where he will speak Sunday night.

Robinson began a Rebel News speaking tour last week. And boy has it been a tumultuous week!

Right after Robinson's first speech in Calgary, eight plainclothes officers arrested him. 

The video of his arrest went viral, seen more than 30 million times across different platforms. People started asking questions.

Robinson was initially released on the condition that he not leave southern Alberta. That condition has since been waived.

The free speech activist and journalist won a key legal battle against Justin Trudeau's border police Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, geographic restrictions are not placed on the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants that entered Canada in recent years.

Even worse, the police actively welcomed and helped people crossing into Canada illegally. They detained them for a few minutes to take some notes, and set them free, benefits and all.

If they ever have a court hearing, it's scheduled well into the future with nearly zero chance of deportation.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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