Under Trudeau, half of Canada's military equipment is 'unserviceable'

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The Trudeau Liberals appear all talk, and no action amid serious concerns that Canada has yet to deliver workable military aid to Ukraine. To make matters worse, almost half of the military's equipment is considered "unavailable and unserviceable."

Only 58% of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) could mobilize should their NATO allies declare war, according to a recent internal Department of National Defence (DND) presentation obtained by CBC News.

Tonight, Ezra ponders if Justin Trudeau's lies have finally caught up to him, amid cracks in his political posturing in Ukraine.

To commemorate the second anniversary of the Russian-Ukraine war, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a $3.02 billion 'security assistance package' to deter Russian aggression two weeks ago. "We are demonstrating that Canada and other countries will be unflinching in our support for Ukraine over the long term," he said at the time.

However, serious concerns remain on whether Ukraine has actually received aid from Canada.

Canada purchased a $406 million surface to air missile system for Ukraine last January with associated munitions. Over a year later, and one of the two companies involved in building the NASAMS system has yet to receive a contract, reported CBC News.

This unnerving media report cements that Trudeau cannot be taken for his word. 

According to a recently published Angus Reid poll, more and more Canadians are distressed by the CAF's lack of military preparedness and Ottawa's inability to meet NATO spending targets on national defence.

Yet Canada pledged more military aid this year: 800 drones, valued at over $95 million. That is in addition to an estimated $60 million in parts and ammunition for Ukraine’s F-16 fighter jets. They are part of a $500 million military aid package announced last year, clarified Defence Minister Bill Blair.

Deliveries are expected to begin this spring, reported Global News"They’re in a hurry, and so are we," Blair told reporters on February 19.

The fact of the matter is much of the military systems pledged to Ukraine simply haven’t gone — either Canada doesn't have them, they’re not suitable for war, or they face considerable shipping delays. You might even say that Trudeau's lying to Ukrainian-Canadians to try and stop the bleeding at the polls.

In spite of this, they’re prepared to send military personnel into a country at war, according to Blair. 

Those Canadian forces who complained of poor equipment while on mission in Latvia and paying out of pocket for food in Poland. Yeah, those troops.

Blair discussed the idea at a European security summit alongside NATO allies and fellow supporters of Ukraine last month. Yet Ukraine is not a NATO ally.

Trudeau and his cohort continue to hemorrhage billions on a war with little payout for our head of state who continues to pander abroad amid a steep decline in popularity at home.

GUESTLorne Gunter, columnist at the Edmonton Sun on Trudeau's wokeness ruining the Canadian military and its effect with our allies, including Ukraine.

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