The Media Party gives you advice on how to handle inflation

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Look at this — an editorial published by Bloomberg — that’s the media company that has so enriched Mike Bloomberg.

It’s what gave him the money to chase women all over Manhattan, and run for president in a vanity campaign. Here’s what Mike Bloomberg’s news company published about how to deal with inflation, which is eroding your paycheque — prices are skyrocketing for everything, gasoline, food, cars, houses, pretty much everything.

Here’s Mini Mike’s advice:

Hey guys. If you’re one of the poors earning less than $300K — and that’s U.S. money, so just a shade under $400K Canadian — if you’re one of the doors, here’s some friendly tips from Mike Bloomberg, net worth 82 billion.

Let’s take the advice line by line.

But I want you to know — and to really understand, in your bones — that they want inflation. That they want prices to go higher. That they want prices to be so high, you become poor — especially energy poverty. They say that. That’s their whole rationale for carbon taxes — or as they call it, “pricing carbon”.

It’s to make it painful to use energy. That feeling you get at the pump — the feeling of dread, of how can I make ends meet — that’s what they want.

This is the World Economic Forum’s video from a few years back. It’s all happening.

The Great Reset — you’ll own nothing. You can’t afford a home. You can’t afford gas. You can’t afford meat to eat.

Hey — nobody said it was going to be fun. But that’s your lot in life. If Mini Mike and Justin Trudeau say so themselves.

GUEST: Rachel Emmanuel (follow @Emmanuel_Rach on Twitter), a writer for Western Standard, will be speaking about why she left iPolitics in the wake of Chrystia Freeland being photographed with a Nazi banner in Toronto.

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