Canadian conservatives are finding their voice again

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On tonight's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra reports from the annual Canada Strong and Free Conference in Ottawa.

This year's gathering of conservative activists is a welcome change from previous years where lobbyists dominated the event. Instead, the focus shifted back to the battle of ideas and the warriors that fought for them.

The conference attracted a range of conservative activists, and Ezra caught up with some of them. In attendance were independent journalists from True North and the Western Standard, as well as The Epoch Times. It was refreshing to see such a variety of voices in attendance.

Ezra also met with a Venezuelan refugee who offered a warning to Canadians and Josh Alexander, who is fighting his Catholic school over his opposition to men using women's bathrooms. It was an interesting mix of people who all shared a common goal - the fight for freedom.

The conference was also an opportunity for Levant and his team at Rebel News to be recognized for their hard work. They were warmly welcomed by attendees who appreciated their contributions to the conservative movement in Canada.

The event was a reminder that the conservative voice in Canada is still strong and that activists are finding their voice again. The return to a focus on ideas and the people that fight for them is an encouraging sign that the conservative movement is heading in the right direction.

However, the fight is far from over. As Ezra points out, if the pendulum swings back towards the influence peddlers and seekers, then the emphasis will shift away from ideas once again. It is up to those in the conservative movement to stay vigilant and ensure that the battle of ideas remains at the forefront.

The event showcased the diversity and strength of the conservative movement in Canada. The future looks bright for conservatives who are finding their voice and are committed to fighting for freedom.

GUESTS: Ezra interviews a series of attendees at the event including: Andrew Lawton, senior journalist at True North Centre and author of The Freedom Convoy, Chanel Pfahl, former highschool teacher, activist, Alessandra Polga, Conservative volunteer, Robbie Picard, Canadian Oilsands advocate and Josh Alexander, highschool student and activist.
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