Bill Gates gets divorced. Is he really who he told us he was?

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Bill Gates is getting divorced. He was once the world’s richest man, and he’s still up there. I’ve seen estimates that he’s worth $130 billion US — which is pretty close to 200 billion Canadian. Hard to even imagine that.

He follows in the footsteps of the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, who recently announced his divorce, for cheating on his wife. I’m so glad she took half his money; he’s worth $200 billion US, which is a quarter of a trillion Canadian. Or as Justin Trudeau would call it, the cost of his promises in the upcoming election.

But I understand Bezos divorce — he was cheating, and it was revealed in a humiliating way, believe it or not, by the brother of his mistress. Who knows why Bill Gates is breaking up. He’s 65 years old. He’s been married for 27 years. He has three kids. Normally I’d say it’s none of my business — it’s private, people’s private lives are private, just because he’s rich doesn’t mean I have an interest in that.

Gates published a statement about it, though.

Fair enough. Except that I think some facts about Bill Gates are in the public interest, because he is a public person who seeks to have great authority over our lives, especially in the time of the pandemic. He’s not a doctor, has no medical degree or public health degree, but because of his staggering wealth, he can buy attention and influence, and it is clear that like other staggeringly wealthy men, he starts to think of himself as god-like, and that his true mission, now that he has made more money than can ever be spent, is to tell other people how to live.

You know the rich are different from us. They have money.

But when you’re that rich, you don’t just have money. You have power over everything and everyone around you. No-one can say no to you; no-one dares to criticize you; you could truly start to believe you’re a god, because every problem falls away; people just do what they think you want them to do.

Unless they are religious themselves — unless they voluntarily submit themselves to a higher power — they are the higher power. They are treated like gods, and they start to act like gods, Greek gods, to whom women and men are just things, chattels, toys, whatever.

I think people who think they’re gods are dangerous. Because really, they worship themselves; they think they’re above us, and in many meaningful ways, they are — how did Jeffrey Epstein walk free for so long? How did Weinstein go free for long? What did Bill Gates do so many times with Epstein? Would you want to be a cop investigating that? How long until you were reassigned, disciplined, fired, transferred.

Bill Gates is getting divorced. Sorry for the kids — but they’re adults now. But it’s just a reminder: we know nothing about these demi-gods that’s true; nothing that they don’t want us to know about them. And even that small glimpse is troubling enough.

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