Barbara Kay remembers Rex Murphy, condemns Canada's Hamas encampments

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Tonight, Ezra interviews Canadian columnist Barbara Kay on Rex Murphy and the Hamas encampments across the country.

Murphy, who passed away last week, was a stalwart journalist in an otherwise dying industry. He was beloved by all, garnering hundreds of thousands of views whenever his show Cross Country Checkup aired.

"I just thought, this is a guy who really cared about people," said Kay. "He really listened [and] was really open to everybody's point of view. He respected people, and they respected him. They loved him."

"He was elite by every measure of the word," she added. "But he was not an elitist. He saw the wisdom in ordinary people."

On Saturday, Rebel News paid homage to the late great Murphy Saturday at Rebel News Live in Toronto.

Among his final acts of brilliance was a column he penned on the October 7th pogrom and its horrible aftermath. More than 1,300 Israeli and foreign nationals were killed by Hamas terrorists, and dozens more remain hostages in the Gaza Strip.

Murphy called the hatred of Israel "the great moral disorder of our time" in an op-ed dated April 26. Notably, he condemned the Trudeau Liberals for failing to address the rise in antisemitism, calling it a stain on Canada's name.

"Poor Jews," he writes. "It was not enough that Europe built a hecatomb of your kind because a madman and his mad country hated you. When you were nearly ripped out of history altogether."

"Your spectacular survival over centuries and millennia genuinely threatened," penned Murphy, "averted as much by the chances of a war in which one side ignored you while the other industrialized your killing."

Last December 4, Murphy spoke with incredible passion in front a pro-Israel crowd on Parliament Hill. "The people who should support you are not here; the leaders of the parties should be here," he said.

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