Andy Ngo on the pro-Hamas movement, Antifa's latest mobilization against democracy

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Tonight, an interview with Senior Editor of The Post Millenial Andy Ngo on his latest Antifa reporting.

Over the last few weeks, the Rebel News team has covered these pro-Hamas university encampments across Canada and even in the United States. We've seen a mix of people from different backgrounds, from immigrants to white, woke, Liberal college kids. But the backbone of these protests is Antifa, the folks who in years past have protested about everything from Occupy Wall Street to climate action, often aggressively. Just today, our reporters in Montreal, Guillaume Roy and Alexa Lavoie, were attacked - not violently but they were spray painted in their gear.

It's not that Antifa is passionate about the cause; as our friend James Lindsay says, the issue is never the issue. The revolution is the issue. At their core, Antifa members are just local communist activists who understand that the front line of the battle in 2024 happens to be the Hamas issue.

Today, we're going to dig deeper with the one man who knows more about Antifa than anyone else in North America - possibly even the world. Not only has he been covering them up close for years but he has been a personal victim of them as well. You might recall that, a few months ago, Rebel News went to Portland to attend the trial of Andy Ngo, who was chased down by a gang of Antifa thugs on the street and physically attacked. 

The chief tactic of Antifa is to hide themselves but Andy Ngo is always fighting back, having authored the bestselling book Unmasked: Inside Antifa's Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy

GUEST: Andy Ngo, senior editor of the Post Millennial.

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