Derek Fildebrandt on Alberta politics: Dragons, mavericks and political rodeos

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Tonight on the Ezra Levant Show, a special longform interview with The Western Standard's Derek Fildebrandt on the latest political waves in Alberta.

With a storied history of political turbulence, Alberta continues to be a hotbed of dynamic changes, often misunderstood by those outside its borders.

Fildebrandt’s insights offer an invaluable perspective, particularly in understanding Premier Danielle Smith's tenure.

Smith’s rise to power was anything but conventional. With an unprecedentedly swift transition, she took the helm without the usual buffer period between administrations.

Smith’s background in media, advocacy and opposition politics has equipped her with a diverse skill set that is beginning to show its worth in governance.

The history of Alberta’s premiership has been notably unstable. Since Ralph Klein’s departure, no conservative premier has completed a full term without being ousted or defeated.

Fildebrandt posits that if Smith manages to reach the next election, she would become the longest-serving conservative premier since Klein. This potential milestone speaks volumes about the political volatility in Alberta, where leadership is both fiercely contested and frequently short-lived.

Alberta’s political landscape is often compared to a rodeo bull —unpredictable and difficult to tame.

This characteristic can be both a strength and a weakness, depending on your perspective. For Fildebrandt, who has seen premiers come and go, this volatility is a positive feature.

It reflects a robust political engagement among Albertans, even if it results in frequent leadership changes. The conservative civil war, a lingering consequence of the division between factions within the party, continues to shape the province's political discourse.

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