Why do they want a digital ID?

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I’m worried about a new bill introduced in Canada’s Parliament, to give border guards the right to search and seize information from your phone — including photos; including emails; including documents. It really is modelled after China’s so-called Social Credit system, where everything about you is tracked in a government database — or, more likely, contracted out to a company like Amazon or Google, on behalf of the government. The worst of both worlds.

One digital ID system for everything — an everything card. Where you are; your most privacy details; your money; and give the power to the government.

Which brings me to Bill S-7.

You might say, don’t bills start with the letter C, like Bill C-11? Well, that’s when they come from the House of Commons. Strangely, this one was introduced in the Senate:

An Act to amend the Customs Act and the Preclearance Act

Now, I believe that customs officers and border guards should be able to guard our borders. They don’t, as a matter of policy — look at Roxham Road. But sure — be on guard. For guns, for drugs, sure. For illegal people, sure. For trafficked people, like the children Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein preferred.

But seriously — going through your phone, clicking on your apps, downloading and copying your stuff. Based on a “reasonable general concern”? What is that? A general concern?

Not probable cause. Just a hunch, really.

So right now, they have to change the law to permit this. And they’re going to.

But really — if they have a digital ID, they won’t really need to search your phone at all. They’ll already have all the information, thank you very little.

GUEST: National Post columnist Rupa Subramanya (@RupaSubramanya) on her latest article, WHO and the Davos elite leave a lot to be desired.

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