Alberta goes to the polls. Plus: A feature interview with documentary filmmaker Aaron Gunn

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Tonight on the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra and the Rebel News team are ready to report live as Alberta finds itself in the throes of Election Day, and the choices presented to voters couldn't be more significant.

Will the province's leadership shift in favor of Danielle Smith or Rachel Notley? The result of this momentous election will no doubt shape the trajectory of Alberta's future, making it one of the most critical elections in the province's history.

Even amid the excitement and uncertainty surrounding the election, we're thrilled to reveal our brand-new broadcasting studio. After working tirelessly to finish renovations, we're poised to test our new space by broadcasting live, straight from the studio, during this landmark election.

As with any new venture, we anticipate the possibility of a few hiccups along the way. However, we're committed to sharing this journey with you, our dedicated audience.

Given the high stakes of this election, we're expecting a late night filled with anticipation and speculation. The race could be a neck-to-neck battle or an outright landslide — only time will tell.

Throughout the night, our Alberta team, including Sheila Gunn Reid and Adam Soos, will be sharing real-time updates from the field. We invite all our viewers to join us for this live-stream, which will be available on multiple platforms including YouTube and Rumble.

Amid all the electoral buzz, we're also excited to share a special feature — an interview with the extraordinary filmmaker, Aaron Gunn. Gunn's profound insights into the world of documentary filmmaking are sure to fascinate viewers.

As an organization, we stand by our commitment to tell both sides of the story. As Alberta goes to the polls, we encourage all voters to be informed and engaged, remembering that the outcome of this election will set the course for the province's future. Join us for a night of updates, interviews, and in-depth discussions as we delve into this momentous occasion together.

GUEST: Aaron Gunn, on his latest documentary film, Canada Is Dying, that focuses on the country's rising homelessness, addiction and surging violent crime.

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