UCP leader Danielle Smith defeats the media, the NDP and the flawed pollsters to stay on as Alberta's premier

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And Canada, not just Alberta, will be freer, safer and more compassionate because of her strong, stable majority in the Alberta legislature.

Under former premier Jason Kenney, Alberta had the potential to show the rest of the country there was another way forward from Covid-19, one that respected human rights, religious freedom, the Charter and entrepreneurs.

But Kenney never seized on that moment to be different, to lead the rest of the country through an example here, like a Canadian Florida with worse weather. Instead, he marched in lockstep with the feds, the WHO and a gaggle of unelected, unaccountable health bureaucrats cheering for lockdowns.

That moment to be the control group is gone along, with the Covid scare. But Alberta, under our new premier, is leading by being different in another pandemic: The opioid crisis.

Increasing police presence to shut down open-air drug markets, ending the so-called "safe supply" of dangerous intravenous poisons, opening up thousands of free-to-the-addict treatment beds, and using the courts and police to force dangerous addicts into treatment is the Alberta protocol for recovery.

And it's working. Lives are being saved, and families are being restored. The data is in, and the federal scheme to prolong the suffering of the addict and the "palliative care" program to ease the addict into a slow death in BC are resulting in more deaths, overdoses, social decay, and more human misery.

According to an analysis by author Michael Schellenberger in the National Post, addicts are being state-enabled into the grave right next door in BC under that province's ultra-tolerant approach to drug abuse:

"All indications are that Alberta is getting it right. From 2021 to 2022, overdose deaths in the province dropped by 17 per cent; in the same period, British Columbia saw only a 1.4-percent reduction. In January 2023, the latest month for which data is available in Alberta, overdose deaths dropped to 111, from 172 in the same period last year. In April this year, B.C. counted 206 overdose deaths– a 17-percent increase over April 2022."

The election of Danielle Smith, the floor-crosser who betrayed us all so many years ago, is a story of redemption, a rejection of cancel culture, and a strong testimony of Albertan's willingness to judge a person for what they are doing now, not their past mistakes.

It's who we are.

And it's evidenced by our province's approach to the dignity of the addict, against the prevailing progressive societal sentiment to love the addict to death.

GUEST: Franco Terrazzano, joins the show to speak on how the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation sunshine list and bonuses ballooned during housing affordability crisis.

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