Irish voices rising: A feature interview with Ben Scallan from GRIPT

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Tonight on the Ezra Levant Show, we delve into a revealing interview with Ben Scallon from GRIPT, the Irish independent news outlet.

In this episode, Ezra revisits his recent trip to Ireland, a profound experience that highlighted a massive protest against mass open borders immigration.

This protest was particularly striking as it mirrored some of the challenges we face back home in Canada. However, one element stood out distinctly: the recognition of the Irish as the indigenous people of Ireland.

Unlike many other nations, Ireland lacks a history of colonialism, imperialism, or the 'stain' of slavery.

In fact, Ireland has a history of being invaded and oppressed, such as the raid by slave catchers on the town of Baltimore, where inhabitants were kidnapped and taken to Arabia as slaves.

This historical context made the sight of placards stating "Ireland for the Irish" and "Irish Lives Matter" particularly poignant.

In Canada or the United States, such slogans might be immediately branded as racist. But in Ireland, a country that has never colonized others or been a slaveholding society, these slogans reflect a genuine concern about cultural preservation amid mass immigration.

Ezra shared how his connection to Ireland deepened as he spent time with the team at GRIPT, an outlet that provides an independent perspective often overlooked by mainstream media.

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