Rebels against the lockdown: Will Canada crush Adamson BBQ?

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I think that maybe, just maybe people are rebelling against the lockdown.

No-one believe the lockdowners. Doug Ford goes to a wedding when he wants to. But you can’t.

Are we in Canada submissive and passive, as our national caricature suggests? Do we always say “sorry” for everything?

Well, check this out, at Adamson BBQ:

That’s today’s excitement out in Etobicoke, a suburb of Toronto. A man standing up for himself, and his family, and his customers. And maybe for a lot more people than he thought.

The mean girl tweets from the media party were absurd — all mocking him, hating him. Their coverage of him was absurd, insane even. How dare he break the narrative; how dare he do so popularly. How dare he speak out against Theresa Tam and her mini-mes across the country.

So we’re at an interesting tipping point. Does the quality of the elite outweigh the quantity of the working classes, the blue collar folks, the entrepreneurs, the skeptics? The elites have the power of position — the media, the bureaucracy, the politicians, everything official. The grassroots — they just have the numbers. And common sense. I’d trust someone with a high school diploma these days over a PhD, at least when it comes to some of the lockdown insanity.

We’ll see what happens. I won’t lie — I’m pessimistic — Canada has its own deep state. They’re going to crush this BBQ guy mercilessly. We’ll see.

NEXT: David Menzies joins me to discuss his visit to Adamson BBQ.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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