RIDICULOUS: Halton School Board sets new "Halloween" dress code — but refuses to ban enormous prosthetic breasts in the classroom

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Just when you thought the situation at the uber-woke, uber-joke Halton District School Board (HDSB) couldn’t get any more perversely humorous and embarrassing and even downright shameful, now word comes that the HDSB is finally going to do something about the dress code at its schools vis-à-vis horrific haberdashery.

Oh, by that I don’t mean they’re actually going to address the outlandish and over-sexualized attire donned by shop teacher Mr. Kerry Luc Lemieux, aka, Ms. Kayla Lemieux, aka, Busty Lemieux. No, that would make way too much sense.

By the way, for those just returning to the Milky Way Galaxy, Lemieux is that shop teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School who is allegedly transitioning into a woman. His chest is routinely festooned with a pair of fake Z-cup breasts that are barely contained by the sheer see-through tops which allow the fake oversized nipples to protrude. Indeed, it would seem that Lemieux is actually transitioning into a drag queen as opposed to a fake albeit somewhat normal-looking woman given that he routinely totes around breasts that are easily mistaken for a pair of wayward zeppelins...

The Busty Lemieux story has received mainstream media coverage around the globe. But with a few exceptions, there has been almost zero MSM coverage here in Canada. You see, the Justin Trudeau-sponsored stenographers and assorted other trained seals are typically down with the radical transgender revolution. But even THEY suspect something is a little fishy when it comes to the curious case of Busty Lemieux. By the way, I’ll offer my theories later on regarding what the real story might be when it comes to Mister and Missus Lemieux.

But in the here and now, how gutless is it of our state-funded media to ignore this story as opposed to, you know, investigating it? I mean, that is kinda what one is supposed to do in the journalism racket. But apparently, these days, to even question the trans narrative is an act of transphobia. And that will not be tolerated…

Speaking of gutlessness, let me circle back to the Halton District School Board and its team of testicular-challenged trustees. You see, if a biologically female student wore the sort of getup Busty Lemieux does, she’d be suspended based on a dress code violation. But here’s the rub: teachers at HDSB are exempt from the dress code. So instead of leading by example, the faculty can show up as if they are participants in a pride parade and it’s no harm, no foul. Does that even make sense to you?

I sought answers about the double standard AND to drop off a petition of several thousand signatures to the HDSB last week. But even though these educrats are paid by taxpayers and should be accountable, well, no, they aren’t transparent at all. Rather, they act like entitled cowards. Check out the footage:

So, the HDSB is finally doing something concrete when it comes to dress codes. Oh, don’t get the wrong idea, folks — they aren't implementing a dress code for teachers, including teachers who might be sexual perverts. Nope. You see, last week, Trustee Doctor Margaret Shuttleworth sent out a release detailing the do’s and don’ts of… Halloween costumes?!

Her ill-advised memo begins by noting that if students choose to dress up in Halloween costumes, they should “ensure that they are contributing to the positive and pro-social climate that our school is cultivating around recognizing Halloween.”

Doctor Shuttleworth’s woke insanity continues: “Costumes that are intended to, or have the impact of, inciting fear and anxiety for others are not acceptable costumes.” 

What the heck? It’s Hallow-freaking-ween! This is exactly when we celebrate the likes of Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees. What solar system does this quack reside in? On October 31st, it is fully expected and it is completely appropriate that people would dress up in frightening costumes. That’s, you know, kinda the point of Halloween… a celebration of things that go bump in the night.

But here comes the really fascinating part. Shuttleworth’s memo goes on to state that costumes cannot mimic traditional attire from racial, gender, or religious groups. That would be “inappropriate and unacceptable for Halloween at our school.”

For me, the phrase that stands out here is the prohibition of a student mimicking the opposite gender. That’s right: on the one day of the year when it's expected for someone to dress up, should a male student at Oakville Trafalgar dons the ensemble of a female student or vice-versa, that student will be suspended.

But when it comes to teachers cross-dressing in an over-the-top fashion, this is considered to be perfectly all right.

Trick-or-treat indeed.

GUEST: Everyone's favourite Quebec-based journalist, Alexa Lavoie.

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  • By David Menzies

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