Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati in Studio: Lockdown lawsuit names Trudeau, Dr. Tam, the CBC

Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati is suing the government for their pandemic panic.

It's hard to be a dissident these days.

It's hard to take a contrarian point of view.

The whole world is in a mania, and if you dare speak out against the control — well, something's wrong with you. You're a nut. A conspiracy theorist.

So who will stand up to the mania, the panic that has surrounded the pandemic?

We see even when doctors speak out with a second opinion — like Dr. Kulvinder Gill, they're hit with ethics complaints to Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons. No politician has stood up to it.

Is there a lawyer in this country who will be a gadfly, a challenger, someone who will take the pandemic craziness to court?

The answer is yes.

Rocco Galati has filed a 191 page lawsuit taking on the entire political reaction to the pandemic, and he joins me in studio to talk about it.

You can view the lawsuit by clicking here.

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