Interview with Keith Wilson, the lawyer going to federal court to fight Trudeau's suspended ban on unvaccinated travellers

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We've interviewed our next guest several times. Keith Wilson, K.C. (@IKWilson) is a senior lawyer from Alberta who works with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. 

One of the cases we've focused on with him is the case of Brian Peckford and other plaintiffs, who filed a lawsuit on constitutional grounds challenging Trudeau's ban on unvaccinated people flying.

In the second largest country in the world, one of the coldest countries in the world, to tell people to they can't fly and have to drive because they're unvaccinated — or they can ride in a bus — because apparently the virus knows to not attack you if you're in a bus but it will attack you if you're in a plane? There's no science there.

This lawsuit was filed many months ago and it has taken months to proceed, for various government witnesses to answer questions under oath. And it's on the eve of trial, but as you probably know, a few months ago suspended his ban on unvaccinated people flying. And so the government is saying that this lawsuit is now moot and shouldn't be heard at all.

But I think it's important that the lawsuit be heard. We need to know, was it legal? Could they do it again? I think our judges have been too deferential these past two and a half years. 

On tonight's show, we have a feature interview on that subject with Keith Wilson.

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