Three theories on the curious case of Kayla Lemieux

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GUEST HOST: David Menzies

Oh, it’s so complicated, isn’t it folks?

I am, of course, speaking of Oakville Trafalgar High School shop teacher Mr. Kerry Luc Lemieux, who’s enhanced chest brings to mind the tragedy that was the Hindenburg. Kerry Luc Lemieux is now apparently going through life as Kayla Lemieux as he allegedly transitions from biological male into a female facsimile.

I know what you’re saying: that’s a lot of apparently's and allegedly's. But that’s the point: what one does one make of the enigma that is Busty Lemieux?

For more than 10 days now, social media and the mainstream media the world over has been obsessed with Lemieux. Oh, not our own domestic government-funded mainstream media, by the way. With few exceptions, they have chosen to ignore this sordid story — I’ll have more on this fascinating sidebar later.

But how could Mr. Lemieux not be a big story? The idea of a biological male teaching shop class while sporting enormous fake breasts, a blonde wig, and tight short-shorts — now, that’s a sight to behold. A disturbing one at that.

You know, folks, once upon a time, when the Canadian National Exhibition took place in Toronto in summertime, in addition to the thrill rides and the food building and the games of chance there used to be something called the freak show.

The freak show was eventually phased-out due to the nattering nabobs of political correctness but for those lamenting the demise of the freak show, such a spectacle is now completely redundant. You want freaks and geeks and weirdos, simply go to your friendly neighbourhood high school. And I’m not talking about the kids, but rather, the faculty.

And isn’t fascinating to observe several double standards play out in the name of reasonable accommodation? While a young lass at Oakville Trafalgar High School faces suspension for wearing a spaghetti-strap tank top, not so Busty Lemieux. He wears see-through blouses that barely contain his always-erect fake nipples. That’s because, incredibly, the Halton District School Board has a dress code for students, but not for staff. Please educate me: how does that even make sense? Whatever happened to leading by example?

Here’s another double standard: gaze upon the photos of Busty Lemieux in shop class. I don’t know what he’s making — perhaps a landing dock for his zeppelins. But the thing is, he’s breaking every rule in the book vis-à-vis workshop safety: those protruding fake breasts are just centimetres away from circular saws; his long hair isn’t tied up in a bun or put in a hairnet; then there are his long sleeves, and he’s not wearing safety goggles. The list goes on. Lemieux is an accident waiting to happen. But the principal or the HDSB won’t not call him out on these safety breaches because to do so would be… transphobic? Give me a break!

Now, it should be noted I have done everything possible to reach out to Lemieux. I have phoned the school. I have sent him emails. I have even personally visited his residence. But it’s radio silence thus far.

So, allow me to present three theories as to what is perhaps going on at Oakville Trafalgar High School these days.

THEORY #1: Mr. Lemieux is indeed transitioning from a male into a female. He’s wearing feminine clothing and a wig and, of course, those giant fake breasts that are easily twice the size of a man’s head and apparently weigh about 35 pounds. Alas, I am NOT buying this explanation. Because if Lemieux was transitioning from a he to a she in a genuine fashion, why would Lemieux (or anyone else transitioning for that matter) go out of their way to make such a grotesque spectacle of it? I imagine most trans people simply want to blend in with the other gender and not draw an inordinate amount of attention to themselves. But Lemieux is passing himself off as an over-the-top drag queen. He is making a mockery out of the female form. I’ve been informed by my biological female friends that any woman born with natural breasts this size would almost certainly go under the knife to have such breasts reduced so as to alleviate the inherent back pain that comes with carrying about such a burden. But not Lemieux — he could choose any size of bust under the sun and yet he goes for quintuple-XL? No sir. I’m not buying that this is a genuine transition.

THEORY #2: For all the reasons I previously mentioned, could it be that Mr. Lemieux is suffering from mental illness? What sort of person would want to go through life sporting humongous fake breasts, the likes of which would make a Score Magazine model blush? If he is indeed suffering from a mental health condition, then he must be treated with care and compassion; he must see a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

MY THIRD AND FINAL THEORY is this: could it be that Mr. Lemieux is not truly transitioning into a woman, but rather, is exacting a measure of revenge against the uber-woke educrats employed at the Halton District School Board? Consider this recent post on social media sent along to me by my west coast colleague Alex — which may or may not be true:

This dude is gaming the system. An anon here yesterday was in this dude’s class. This teacher was almost fired for ‘toxic’ masculinity last year, as well as not embracing woke culture. He’d drop red pills to his class, such as how silly gender neutral bathrooms are. The school board hate him. He’s now upping the ante to exploit the very clown world the school and society itself created. His long game is most likely to get fired and then sue for discrimination. There is no other explanation… no better way to troll clown world than to be an over-the-top caricature of a woman.

Now, we can’t prove this is true. But for what it’s worth, it sounds entirely plausible to me — that this could all be a prank that is worthy of a South Park episode.

Indeed, if it is a matter of fact that Mr. Lemieux ran afoul over so-called “toxic masculinity” guidelines, what a devious albeit brilliant way to exact a measure of revenge by becoming an over-the-top female caricature under the guise that he is truly transitioning into a woman.

Transgenderism is a sacred cow for those on the woke left; to even question the issue is an act of “transphobia.” Which is why we have biological males competing with females in sports — and even doing prison time in female penitentiaries. What an amazing time it is to be a man who is merely an average athlete but is a star in the female division due to inherent physical advantages? Or a male sexual offender who wants to do time amongst potential female victims, all of whom have nowhere to run… and this is all due to the cowardice of the gatekeepers! Astonishing.

Another reason I believe that Mr. Lemieux is perhaps gaming the system in an uber-cheeky fashion is that he is a shop teacher. He works with his hands, he builds things. He’s not some utterly useless gender studies professor. And it just strikes me that someone who’s part of the blue-collar demographic is more than likely a person who is not all-in when it comes to supporting radical transgenderism and denouncing “toxic masculinity.” Quite the opposite, I should think.

Thus, if this is indeed a vengeful prank directed at the uber-woke educrats at the HDSB, then what an incredible way to get back at a school board that might just be the very worst school board in Canada under the so-called “leadership” of Curtis Ennis, He/Him. Because it would seem to me that Lemieux has twisted these educrats into politically correct pretzels. They don’t dare call out Lemieux, saying that his transitioning is bull-shite because in the final analysis, they cannot prove this to be true. And if they were to roll the dice and accuse him — without proof — that he is a prankster, these woke-meisters would surely be hoisted upon their own petards.

Which is to say, Lemieux need only play the “transphobia” card, and the next thing you know the kangaroo court that is the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal will award Lemieux with a hurt-feelings settlement in the six figures. And then of course, if he is fired, Lemieux could go to a REAL court and sue for wrongful dismissal — and in today’s political climate, the HDSB would lose. Wow, who needs to buy a Lotto Max ticket and face those prohibitive odds of 33 million-to-one to when a dude need only strap on a pair of fake boobs and don a wig in order to hit the jackpot — guaranteed.

So, it makes sense that Lemieux is employing the silent treatment and not admitting to this being an elaborate hoax. Right now, he has the support of the HDSB. And of course, the alphabet soup community. And even the Halton District Police Service, who show up at the school in their Black Excellence and Pride police cruisers.

The thing is, if this “transitioning” is a prank, Lemieux can never admit to it. If he does so, he will be committing career suicide given that his allies will instantly transition into enemies. The HDSB will immediately terminate him for maintaining a falsehood. And the LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP community will declare war on Lemieux, too, given that they were duped.

By the way, for those keeping score at home, that lovin’ spoonful of Alphagetti stands for: Lesbian, Gay, Gender-queer, Bisexual, Demi-sexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Two-spirit, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, Allies, Pansexual and Polyamorous. (As an aside, did you notice that one letter is conspicuously absent, namely “H” for “heterosexual”? You know, that silly sexual orientation that comprises about 98% of the people on this planet? But I digress...)

And make no mistake: the LGBTQ-etc. mafia does not tolerate any mocking. That’s a thought crime that will get you cancelled. And yes, I do have proof. Look what happened to poor Stephen LeDrew five years ago when he appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to argue that Canada is a bastion of free speech. I swear. Check out LeDrew’s fatal answer to one of Tucker’s innocent queries:

Oh well, it was a good career while it lasted, LeDrew.

For you see, after this segment aired, LeDrew was promptly suspended and then fired outright by his employer, the awful Bell Media. You see, according to my sources, LeDrew’s termination was all about appeasing the squeaky wheels in the LGBT-etc.-etc. community who took issue with LeDrew saying: “Fish or fowl, frick or frack.”

That statement apparently made the various non-binary gender-fluid asexual spirit-unicorns go to Defcon 4. After all, that almost sounded like they were being… mocked! And you CANNOT mock this community, no sir. That’s tantamount to hate speech, after all, and so it was that Stephen LeDrew, the ex-Liberal Party of Canada president, was instantly an ex-Bell Media employee too. And again, the segment was about free speech being alive and well in Canada? Oh my God, the irony… it’s off the charts! And hey, by the way, LeDrew, how are you digging your Liberalism now?

Speaking of the media, where-oh-where is the Canadian mainstream media on this file? With few exceptions, the Media Party has gone out of its way to avoid reporting on this global story. Why? You see the likes of Rachael Crymore at Global News and Rosemary Barton at the CBC are typically supportive of radical transgenderism. But even THEY know something is not quite right when it comes to Busty Lemieux.

But get this: instead of investigating, they are ignoring this story. These MSM cowards are likely too scared that somebody might label them “transphobic” — and we can’t have that, not even when this might be part of an elaborate prank, something that even blows away the infamous hijab hoax story…

Oh, there is plenty of cowardice to go around here.

The Halton District School Board are a bunch of non-transparent cowardly lions too. You see, there’s another angle to the Busty Lemieux saga, and that would be the unfortunate collateral damage vis-à-vis the reputation of another teacher who has nothing to do with Lemieux aside from working at the same school. For several days, it was erroneously reported that Stephen Hanna and Kerry Luc Lemieux were one in the same. And the HDSB ALLOWED this misinformation to fester. I reached out the board and the school itself via phone, email, and in-person interviews. I constantly referred to Lemieux as Hanna and vice-versa, and not once did these school board bastards correct the record.

And they are not above correcting people, by the way. Check out my interview last Monday with Curtis Ennis He/Him, the disastrous director of education:

Yeah, so when it comes to correcting the record, Mr. Ennis He/Him is uber-concerned with pronoun issues, but he and the other HDSB minions will allow an innocent teacher at Oakville Trafalgar to be thrown under the bus. Check out what happened at the HDSB meeting last Wednesday:

By the way, as far as I could tell, there was no other media in attendance that day. And given the global coverage of the Busty Lemieux saga, you’d think this would be the lead item on the school board agenda. But guess what? It wasn’t even ON the agenda! And apparently, the HDSB “rules” when it comes to their meetings is to not allow any questions that are not agenda items. What a bunch of censorious thugs!

So where am I going with this? Well, it is high time that the parents in Ontario and all of Canada stand up against the educrats crafting perverse policies. And if you want some inspiration, think about what happened last year in the great state of Virginia. I speak of the thousands of irate parents who crammed into school board meetings railing against woke-ism being shoved down the throats of their kids, from critical race theory and radical transgenderism to outright Marxism. So, what happened is that Momma Bear woke up.

And even though the position of school board trustee is the lowest-elected position in a democracy, just look what happened in Virginia: a tidal wave was spawned that reached the highest elected position in the state: namely, the Democratic governor, Terry McAuliffe, who was supposedly a lock to get re-elected, lost to the Republican challenger, Glenn Youngkin.

So, here’s the crux of the matter: in Ontario, the municipal elections are slated for October 24. Par for the course, the turnout will likely be awful. And the vast majority of voters don’t give a rodent’s rectum about the position of school board trustee. But they should care. They must care.

So, I’m going to appeal to all our Ontario viewers: contact those running for school board trustee. Find out where THEY stand on radical transgenderism in general and the grotesque circus show that is the saga of Busty Lemieux at Oakville Trafalgar.

Let us take inspiration those concerned parents in Virginia that were ultimately responsible for regime change. If it can happen there, it can happen here — but only if YOU get involved.

GUEST: Nasser Pooli

FINALLY: Your letters!

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