Failed experiment: Vancouver's Downtown Eastside continues to be a house of horrors

Rampant drug use, crime, and poverty have plagued the community for decades.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host Sheila Gunn Reid examined the sordid state of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Despite being mere minutes from some of Vancouver's finest establishments, the neighborhood has been home to an open-air drug trade and extreme poverty for decades.

As stated by Sheila, "It's a disease-riddled third-world slum inside one of the most expensive, beautiful cities in the Western world, where misery, suffering, addiction, desperation, and remorse are all shoe-horned out of the view of fancy people, corralled in some open-air prison where the bars that confine you are opioids."

"And no one, NO ONE, should live like this. These are human beings, the least of our brothers, but the poor souls who languish here are the unwitting subjects in a three-decade-long human experiment into harm reduction. The first needle exchange program opened in East Hastings in the 80s and the first supervised drug injection site opened there in 2003," Sheila added.

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