FLASHBACK: Premier Smith pressed on 'lockdown amnesty' by Ezra Levant

The Alberta premier was questioned by Rebel News' boss about her plans to address charges related to the pandemic issued under former premier Jason Kenney's tenure.

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Near the end of 2022, Rebel News boss Ezra Levant was joined by Alberta Premier Danielle Smith for an exclusive, feature-length interview touching on a wide-range of topics in the near 40 minute conversation.

Now almost a month into 2023, CBC News published a story alleging the premier's office had attempted to influence prosecution in charges stemming from the blockade of the Coutts, Alberta border crossing.

Days after publishing that story, the state broadcaster was forced to admit its journalists had never actually seen the emails which purported to reveal this evidence.

In this clip, Smith shares her thoughts on what a “lockdown amnesty”, something we here at Rebel News have been calling for since governments across Canada began issuing outrageous fines.

Midway through January, Smith moved away from a position of amnesty, saying, “once things have been handed over for prosecution, politicians have to be hands off.”

Rebel News is still calling for that amnesty, however, and you can make your voice heard at LockdownAmnesty.com.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

Lockdown Amnesty

Lockdowns are over in Canada, but “offences” allegedly committed during those lockdowns are still being prosecuted to this day — against truckers, against businesspeople, against churches, against Pastor Artur Pawlowski, and so many more.


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