Former RCMP Sniper Daniel Bulford joins Ezra Levant at CPC leadership event

'I don't know any police officer that I've ever encountered and met with that thought that this current government was competent and ethical,' said Bulford.

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At Saturday's Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leadership announcement event in Ottawa, Ezra Levant was joined by former RCMP sniper Daniel Bulford to discuss his thoughts on the role and impact of law enforcement throughout the pandemic.

Speaking about police officers' perspectives over the past two years, Bulford stated, "I believe that there's a great skepticism of the direction of our country, but like you said, people are losing their jobs, losing their pensions...I've heard multiple times from multiple active-serving police officers that they inoculated themselves against unemployment...they did it because they felt they had to to keep their jobs. So they were coerced."

As stated by Bulford, "The majority of police probably have in their minds, 'I'm serving my community. I'm willing to sacrifice my safety to protect others.' And so to think that essentially you were used as a political tool would be very difficult to accept, especially in a country like Canada right."

Here is a previous interview with Bulford and Rebel News' Alexa Lavoie:

Rebel's full live stream coverage of the event can be seen here:

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