Frontline doctor says Hamas is 'at war with humanity'

Noting how Arabs are Israeli citizens who use and work at the hospital, the doctor said Hamas' Oct. 7 terror attack amounted to a declaration of 'war against democracy and against humanity.'

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In the days after October 7, Israel proclaimed an urgent “state of war” following an unprecedented wave of Hamas terrorist attacks, the likes of which have not been seen since the Nazi Holocaust.

Rebel News met with the intensive care unit in southern Israel’s most equipped hospital, the Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba, which took in over 1,000 patients following the attack.

“No one in the world has ever seen anything like this,” says the ICU director, Moltiklein.

With the early days of the conflict now in the past, the hospital, according to Moltiklein, is fully prepared for the looming invasion to Gaza by the IDF.

Rebel News also met with a first responder, who answered some of the initial calls during the terror attack. Ari Yonatan stepped up when he realized something was “out of the ordinary” on that unfortunate day.

From shooting attacks to shrapnel injuries — the paramedics were ready to help with anything.

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