Global Energy Show shows off what rapidly-evolving tech is bringing to the table

We seem to be headed to the direction of a robot-driven economy — what space will be left for us?

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You've heard of things like AI and drones, but now we're truly seeing the amalgamation of these new technologies within most industries.

Artificial intelligence and data collection have allowed new heights to be reached with regards to the processing of information, revealing much more about the world around us than we humans ever could in an equivalent timeframe. The evolution of robotic devices may now allow many — if not most — labour and survey employment opportunities to be hybrid or wholly done with robots. Virtual reality seemingly is also becoming a heavy player when it comes to operations, and training in quite literally any domain you can imagine.

None of this is to say that Skynet will take over, but along the way to a robot/AI driven economy — which seems to be the direction we're headed in — what space will be left for us? Will VR be our bread and butter as we humans facilitate this digital takeover of industry?

How many industries will envelope themselves in these new technological advances and should we be concerned?

In the energy industry some claim they are in a transitionary phase towards 'green energy' and part of that is the digitalization of most work efforts.

Perhaps in the interim to this new mode of industry we will amalgamate ourselves through VR, but with the rate of change being what it is, we may just be too slow to catch up, and where would that leave us?

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  • By Ezra Levant

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