Gov't withheld crucial evidence from Mass Casualty Commission supporting political interference allegations

This development strengthens allegations that Brenda Lucki, Bill Blair and Justin Trudeau's government colluded in an attempt to exploit the mass shooting to further the Liberals' political agenda.

Gov't withheld crucial evidence from Mass Casualty Commission supporting political interference allegations
The Canadian Press / Adrian Wyld
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The Liberal/RCMP scandal continues to grow as more information surfaces from the Mass Casualty Commission, a public inquiry looking into Canada’s largest mass shooting, which occurred in April 2020 when an attacker, Gabriel Wortman, disguised himself as an officer and killed 22 people in Nova Scotia.

On Friday, the commission's investigations director, Barbara McLean, reportedly stated in an email that “the commission sought an explanation” as to why four pages of notes from a Nova Scotia Mountie, who was overseeing the RCMP's investigation into the massacre, “were missing from the original disclosure.”

This latest development from the inquiry only strengthens allegations that RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, former public safety minister Bill Blair and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government colluded with each other in an attempt to exploit the mass shooting in order to further the Liberals' political agenda of passing a gun ban.

On Wednesday, Rebel News informed you about documents released by the commission which publicized such allegations.

According to those documents, Commissioner Lucki allegedly tried to pressure Nova Scotia RCMP into prematurely releasing information about the firearms used during the massacre, despite knowing that doing so could compromise the investigation.

The documents also detail hand-written notes from RCMP Superintendent Darren Campbell, in which he describes a meeting with Lucki and claims that the commissioner promised Blair and Prime Minister Trudeau’s office that such information would be released to coincide with the Liberal government's soon-to-be introduced gun ban.

Eleven days after the mass shooting committed by Wortman, who illegally acquired the guns used during the rampage, Trudeau and Blair issued a joint statement announcing the immediate prohibition of lawful gun owners ability to purchase 1,500 firearms that were manufactured for civilian use.

According to McLean, the commission filed a subpoena to obtain the RCMP’s entire investigative file for the massacre on June 15, 2021.

As a response to the subpoena, the Justice Department originally sent 132 pages in February, but the four pages which detailed Supt. Campbell’s allegations about Lucki and her political allies potential interference with the investigation were withheld until end of May.

As a result, McLean said “the commission is seeking assurance that nothing else has been held back as per direction from the subpoenas.”

On Friday evening, the Justice Department issued the statement that they “produced to the Commission a package of over 2,000 pages of notes from senior officers in February 11, 2022 and March 2, 2022. Some pages of those notes, including the four pages of the notes of Supt. Campbell, required further assessment of whether they were privileged.”

The Justice Department acknowledged the “Commission was not advised that some pages of the notes of senior officers were being reviewed for privilege” and that the “Department of Justice counsel should have done so and will work with the Commission to establish a process for review.” 

The missing pages have now been disclosed fully, unredacted, prior to Supt. Campbell giving his testimony, which Rebel News will be covering, bringing you a full report in the near future. 

Lucki, Trudeau and Blair are all denying allegations of any involvement surrounding Supt. Campbell’s claim that Lucki interfered with the Nova Scotia RCMP’s investigation into Canada’s worst mass shooting for political gain, but the federal Conservatives are not buying it.

Members of Parliament from the Opposition are demanding more answers for “the Liberal government’s political interference.” 

Parliamentarians from the standing committee on public safety and national security voted to have a hearing take place at an undetermined date in July, where Commissioner Lucki will have to testify on these allegations of political interference.

It’s taken an independent public inquiry to bring these shocking revelations to light, and that’s why Rebel News, Canada’s largest independent news outlet, is going to have our boots on the ground in Nova Scotia to cover this week's Mass Casualty Commission proceedings.

Myself and our very own Lincoln Jay will be flying to Halifax in order to bring you reporting you can trust on this evolving political scandal, and you can help us cover the costs of our journalism by going to

With economic flights, modest accommodations and travel fees getting to and from the communities where the massacre took place, we are anticipating incurring close to $5,300 in expenses.

So please, donate what you can at — and while your at it, sign the petition there and demand the RCMP commissioner at the heart of the scandal be removed from her position, which is meant to serve and protect Canadians.

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