Nova Scotia shooter Gabriel Wortman was NOT a legal gun owner

Nova Scotia shooter Gabriel Wortman was NOT a legal gun owner
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Nova Scotia RCMP provided new details of the deadliest shooting in Canadian history, resulting in a 12 hour long siege that left 23 dead, including the shooter, across multiple crime scenes in rural Northern Nova Scotia.

RCMP Chief Superintendent Chris Leather confirmed that 51 year old denturist, Gabriel Wortman, was not part of the lawful gun owning community in Canada:

“We have a fairly good idea, at least in Canada, that he DID NOT have a FAC, a Firearms Acquisition Certificate.”

A Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC) is an antiquated term for a gun licence. The name was later changed to a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) in the mid-90s with new legislation. Leather confirmed that how Wortman came to have his firearms is “a key part of the investigation.”

During the rampage, Wortman was wearing an authentic police uniform and driving a replica police car.

The Star had previously reported that Wortman was convicted but conditionally discharged after a Oct. 29, 2001 assault, which led him to be tasked with reporting to a probation officer for nine months.

He was also required “not to own, possess or carry a weapon, ammunition, or explosive substance,” according to court documents. Wortman was further required to attend anger management “for assessment and counselling” as directed by his probation officer.

The RCMP failed to utilize the province’s emergency alert system to warn citizens of the gunman after previously using it to deploy Easter coronavirus quarantine advice to residents. Police instead relied on Twitter to advise Nova Scotians to “stay in their homes with doors locked.”

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  • By Ezra Levant


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