BREAKING: Justin Trudeau announces order to BAN 1,500 gun models in Canada

BREAKING: Justin Trudeau announces order to BAN 1,500 gun models in Canada
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Justin Trudeau has just announced details of his latest scapegoating attack on the legal firearms owning community in Canada for crimes they haven’t been committing.

Trudeau announced that 1,500 models manufactured for civilian use, including the AR-15 and the Ruger Mini-14, are being made illegal through an Order in Council (OIC), circumventing parliamentary debate and oversight on the decision. Trudeau called these models “military-grade assault-style firearms” although assault-style firearms have been banned in Canada for decades.

The joint announcement between the Prime Minister and Public Safety Minister Bill Blair was part of Justin Trudeau’s daily half hour of work and was predicted by the firearms community as a heavy handed, New Zealand style response to the recent events in Nova Scotia.

Dentist Gabriel Wortman went on a deadly 12 hour long rampage in Northern Nova Scotia 2 weeks ago that left 23 people dead, including a pregnant nurse and her unborn child.

However, RCMP Chief Superintendent Chris Leather confirmed that 51 year old denturist, Gabriel Wortman, was not part of the lawful gun owning community in Canada:

We have a fairly good idea, at least in Canada, that he DID NOT have a FAC, a Firearms Acquisition Certificate.”

Police suspect Wortman’s guns were smuggled in from the United States or purchased on the blackmarket.

Trudeau also announced a two-year amnesty for owners of the banned models, before a government buy-back program takes effect — what the Prime Minister called “fair compensation”. The OIC also made it illegal, effective immediately, to buy, sell, transport, or use the 1,500 banned models.

The gun ban targeting legal Canadian owners is in direct contradiction to evidence found in recent crime statistics, despite Trudeau’s constant promises of “evidence based policy”.

According to a report in the Western Standard from December:

Toronto police chief Mark Saunders delivered the service’s year-end review Friday morning with news that the overwhelming majority of guns used in crime were illegally smuggled from the United States.

“When it comes to the handguns, I believe, 82% – give or take – of the ‘crime guns’ in the city are coming from the United States.”

“Crime guns” are those weapons retrieved during or after the commission of a crime.

Last summer the The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, a body that normally lobbies for stricter gun control came out against gun bans, calling the current laws “strict.”

During today’s press conference, Blair eluded to more gun grabs and gun control in the future, saying there is “much more to do”, promising “more legislation at the first opportunity"

About 2.2 million men and women have a gun-ownership permit in Canada, more than play golf or hockey, possessing 15-20 million guns.

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