How long until the Conservative Party leadership candidates flip-flop on climate policy?

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Climate policies don't reduce carbon emissions. They reduce your family's disposable income.

And these policies come in a number of ways. Clean fuel standards, carbon taxes, emissions caps and large emitter levies are added to the cost of everything all along the supply chain.

Tom Harris from the International Climate Science Coalition Canada has done a pile of research about the current climate policies on the five front runners — Charest, Lewis, Baber, Brown and Poilievre — in the race to be the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. Tom has also done some historical research about how and when the inevitable flip-flop on climate policy happens. Many Conservatives start off so strong, then fold and quiver the moment someone from the mainstream media calls them a climate denier for saying something as mainstream and sensical as “taxes don't change the weather.”

Tom joins me tonight to discuss the Conservative leadership race, what he hopes to see from the candidates and why Canadians need to oppose climate policies and adopt adaptation.

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