Rick Igercich on how Justin Trudeau become the most effective handgun salesman in Canada

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How did one of Canada's dumbest men become the most effective handgun salesman in the entire country?

Since his first day in office, Justin Trudeau has done what Liberals have always done. He started imposing a radical gun control agenda. He is a lazy professional vacationer, so it's way easier to go after the non-criminal congenital rule-followers in the firearms community as an approach to Canada's 5 per cent increase in the violent crime rate instead of dealing with the opioid crisis, open border and gangs in our big cities.

It's hard to keep track of all the harm Trudeau has done or has tried to do in the last seven years to gun owners. He has scapegoated and blamed them for his failures and the failures of big cities mayors. The order in council (outside of parliament) ban on 1,500 models of firearms, Bill C-71, which imposed a backdoor registry, and now C-21, which caused a run on gun sales, and now the early ban on handgun imports to stop the run on gun sales have undone almost all the progress done by ten years of good Conservative government.

To sign our petition calling on the feds to drop their latest attack on the law-abiding firearms community, please visit www.HandsOffOurGuns.com.

Rick Igercich of the National Firearms Association joins me tonight to refresh our memories on how we got here and what we can do to fight back against the Liberals' latest undemocratic gun grab.

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