Marcel Latouche on how to bring sanity to city halls

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Though the poorly timed and completely unnecessary federal election campaign is in full swing, Alberta is in the midst of municipal election campaigning, too, with ballots to be cast in October.

The lawn signs. Oh, the lawn signs!

Conservatives are often laser-focused on the macro issues of the national debt, income taxes, carbon taxes and out-of-control spending by the Liberals. However, municipal policies, since they are the ones closest to us, are the ones that affect Canadians first, and often in the most impactful ways.

Expensive climate policies, developed at UN conferences in far-flung places without any scrutiny or pushback, are adopted and imposed by municipal governments with very little awareness from the people paying the bills for it all. School boards adopt critical race theory curricula and bizarre gender theory policies, and brainwash kids with it, with parents scarcely noticing until their kids are fully indoctrinated at the university level.

And then there are the salaries and benefits of those who work in the municipal public sector. Wages often take up 50 per cent of a city's budget. And each year, through accounting practices that would never be adopted in the private sector to hide surpluses, the politicians come back to the well and ask for more and more from the taxpayer.

What can be done to get our towns and cities back on track? My guest tonight is Marcel Latouche from the Institute for Public Sector Accountability and he offers some solutions to bring sanity back to city hall.

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