Kian ‘K2’ Simone and Syd Fizzard are embedded in the Coutts, Alberta blockade

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Rebel News has the only journalists embedded in the border blockade at Coutts Alberta and they are doing an amazing job.

Truckers and farmers have been intermittently blocking the border between Montana and Alberta since Sunday, January 30 after they began protesting in support of the Convoy for Freedom to Ottawa on January 29. The police have surrounded the protest site, at one time cutting the protesters in Coutts off from material supports like food, water, fuel and medicine. Supporters wanting to pour into the protest site have been corralled in Milk River, a town 20 km away.

Though the police have done their best to isolate the truckers from help and from spreading their message, Rebel News journalists embedded in the protest have been connecting the truckers with help and giving them an opportunity to have their say.

Rebel News has even crowdfunded the truckers a lawyer, Chad Williamson from Williamson Law in Calgary, to make sure they don't get stream rolled by the cops. To donate, please visit

The two journalists who have been working night and day in Coutts in treacherous conditions, sometimes sleeping in their car to be on the scene when the situation has been changing rapidly are Kian ‘K2’ Simone and Syd Fizzard. They are a couple of young, hard-working young guys who made the move to Alberta from Toronto last year.

What drives a young man to pack his car and drive away from friends and family to pursue his dreams? And why did these young guys see their future with us at Rebel News? I want to know, and I bet you do too.

Joining me tonight in an interview we recorded yesterday morning from their office (K2's car) are Kian Simone and Syd Fizzard to discuss what it's like to be in the centre of the biggest story in the world at the moment.

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