COVID-19: The mainstream media is lying about Florida

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Mainstream media wants you to think that Florida is a coronavirus zombie wasteland of a state.

The mainstream media seems to be cheering for the virus in Florida as part of a sick attempt to shout, “I told ya so” at Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, who opted for less onerous coronavirus restrictions in his state — to the horror of the progressives in the mask mob.

There are breathless articles reporting the surge in positive coronavirus tests in the state, yet the positive tests are a result of expanded testing of the general population and are not indicative of the death or hospitalization rates.

Just a few days ago, the statewide deaths in Florida from the Chinese coronavirus were 4300. It’s terrible news, but without context.

The media won't shut up about how great New York State is doing at handling the disease, however, New York State’s death toll has exceeded 23,000 since March.

The state of Florida’s population is about 2 million people greater than New York’s. Florida has more people, greater normalcy, less disease, and fewer deaths.

Florida is being misrepresented because that state chose freedom over fear and a Republican over a Democrat.

Today on the show is a journalist from Florida. Alex Newman is the foreign correspondent for the New American magazine and we are talking about what it’s really like in Florida with the “new normal” of the virus, the Christian roots of American Independence, and what he thinks is really driving the new riot movement in the United States.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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