SAVE CALGARY! City with 13.4% unemployment threatens taxing Uber, home offices

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Justin Trudeau isn't the only politician in the country looking to pick the pockets of citizens in a pandemic. Calgary's mayor is too.  

Up to 30% of downtown Calgary commercial real estate sits vacant. It’s a sad state of affairs for a city that was already hammered by low oil and prices, and lack of pipeline access caused by years of NDP and Liberal anti-oil policies.  

And like so many cities in Canada, Calgary is being harmed by the coronavirus shut down of businesses. Major retailers are closingRestaurant chains are shuttering. People are laid off and their jobs may not be ever coming back. The unemployment rate in Calgary for May 13.4%.  

People need relief. But they are getting more taxes and fees.

Taxpayer watchdog Save Calgary is warning that the City of Calgary is considering dozens of new or higher fees and taxes, rather slashing their out of control spending. Citizens could be hammered with an Uber tax, more expensive electricity, and a working from home tax!  

Joining me tonight in an interview we recorded earlier in the week is my friend William McBeath from Save Calgary to discuss how these proposed money grabs came to be, as well the growing Trudeau WE Scandal and the Conservative Party leadership race.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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