Free churches and free press with Drea Humphrey

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When British Columbia recently announced the loosening of their COVID-19 lockdown, churches were once again left out of the plan.

You could, however, get a permit to produce a movie filmed in a church where actors pretended to worship, but indoor church in British Columbia has been basically outlawed for most of the pandemic. Pastors and priests were relegated to holding open-air services outside to meet the needs of their flock.

Rebel News reporter Drea Humphrey has been following the plight of the churches in B.C. She's also been closely covering the damage the lockdown restrictions are inflicting on small businesses and free speech.

Drea has recently launched a brand new campaign to advocate for the free thought, free expression and independence of healthcare professionals who are facing increased censorship and consequences for deviating from the accepted COVID-19 narratives.

You can see her campaign and sign the petition at

While Drea is simultaneously fighting for the free speech of doctors and nurses, she's also fighting for the free press. Today, Drea was in court trying to have publication bans altered that affect her reporting on the medical gender transitioning of a child against the father's wishes.

You can see all of her work and support her legal efforts in that case at

Joining me tonight to discuss everything she's working on to advance civil liberties in British Columbia is Rebel News reporter Drea Humphrey.

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