“Outrageous” : Calgary's Mayor Nenshi raises taxes during COVID-19 crisis

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Trudeau isn't the only Liberal Canadian politician raising taxes during the pandemic economic recession.

Calgary is experiencing between 13-25 per cent unemployment (depending on how you measure it) as Cowtown is being hammered by low oil prices, lack of pipelines, a carbon tax and the coronavirus lockdown.

However, just like Trudeau, longtime Mayor Naheed Nenshi is raising taxes. In some instances some people are complaining of a 20 per cent hike on their property taxes. The city is seeing a drop in “revenue” and fees, caused in part by city-run places being shuttered to ward off the coronavirus.

Once again the city has come knocking, looking for more money from embattled municipal taxpayers to pay for services and infrastructure they have not been allowed to use for the last 90 days.

The city won't be cutting spending and putting big projects, like the way over budget Greenline LRT on ice.

The city doesn’t even want to give taxpayers a say before the city attempts another Nenshi legacy project.

It’s crazy and inhumane and it’s causing rightful outrage. The cupboard is bare.

Joining me tonight to talk about the lack of restraint at Calgary city council while the citizens of Calgary are doing their best to watch their nickels and dimes is William McBeath from Save Calgary.

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