What Trudeau's United Nations climate change promises mean for Canadian jobs

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The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow is still rolling on, two weeks in. And Justin Trudeau has made enormously expensive promises to other world leaders about how he plans to shut down entire sectors of the Canadian economy to impress his elite friends.

According to a report in the Washington Post, the draft agreement coming out of Glasgow calls for an end of coal in developed world, hard caps on methane and:

...for developed countries to boost their aid to lower-income nations, including doubling funds to help with adaptation and providing “enhanced and additional support” for addressing the irreversible impacts of climate change, known as loss and damage. But it does not mention a clear financial mechanism for addressing loss and damage, nor does it offer details on what support rich nations would be expected to deliver beyond 2025.

It's climate reparations for problems for which no one can prove the western world is responsible. OPEC and China are laughing all the way to world domination.

My guest tonight is someone I normally cross paths with at these climate change conferences and we do an annual Canuck deep-dive into the climate madness unfolding around us.

Although COVID lockdowns kept us both home this year, we still watched carefully (and with horror in my case) as Trudeau opened the shrinking government coffers to make massive spending promises to other countries with our jobs and money.

Joining me tonight to discuss what this means for Canadian jobs, and your wallet, is Tom Harris from the International Climate Science Coalition Canada.

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