The history of Albertan alienation and the solutions from different perspectives

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What does independence mean to you? Ask 20 Albertans and you will get 20 different answers.

But most Albertans who are concerned about the raw deal we have been getting from Ottawa for the last 117 years will say that it's time to start having some critical conversations that we have been told are verboten by our Laurentian overlords.

Is it time to leave Confederation? Is it time to join the United States? Is it time to flex some Quebec-style muscles to exert our power in Canada?

These are questions the very people inflicting the troubles of equalization and unfair representation on Alberta say we are not allowed to ask.

Well, the time of being told to sit down and shut up and just take it because this is the way it's always been is over.

Joining me tonight to discuss his latest full-length project is Kian Simone, Rebel News' head of documentaries. It's called Ungovernable: Alberta's Quest for Independence. It details the history of Albertan alienation and offers solutions from several different viewpoints, and it debuts in theatre TONIGHT!

But don't worry, there are two more in-person showings of this incredible, fact-filled film. For details, tickets, and showtimes visit

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