Hamas congratulates Taliban on “defeat of the American occupation”

Hamas congratulates Taliban on “defeat of the American occupation”
AP Photo/Felipe Dana
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After Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, fell under Taliban control over the weekend, the terrorist group Hamas congratulated the Taliban with a victory over the United States following the Biden administration's botched withdrawal.

In a statement reported by the Jerusalem Post on Monday, Hamas said, “We congratulate the Muslim Afghan people for the defeat of the American occupation on all Afghan lands, and we congratulate the Taliban movement and its brave leadership on this victory, which culminated its long struggle over the past 20 years.”

“While Hamas wishes the Afghan Muslim people and its leadership success in achieving unity, stability and prosperity for Afghanistan and its people, it stresses that the demise of the American occupation and its allies proves that the resistance of the peoples, foremost of which is our struggling Palestinian people, will achieve victory,” the Hamas statement added.

On Monday, Hamas also shared photos of a meeting between leader Ismail Haniyeh and a Taliban delegation that reportedly took place in Doha, Qatar in a Taliban office. 

“Head of the political office of the emirate #Afghanistan Islamic #Taliban. The Deputy Commander of the Faithful for Political Affairs (Mullah Abdul Ghani Barader) and the accompanying delegation meet the head of the Political Bureau of #Hamas (Ismail Haniyeh) and his accompanying delegation in the Qatari capital.”

On Monday morning, Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar said, “We have reached a victory that wasn’t expected…we should show humility in front of Allah…now it’s time of test — now it’s about how we serve and secure our people, and ensure their future/good life to best of ability.”

Hamas is a designated foreign terrorist group according to the US State Department.

The remarks from Hamas are not unsurprising, as the group shares common causes with the Taliban. A Palestinian journalist who spoke with the Jerusalem Post claimed that the Taliban congratulated Hamas on a victory after an 11-day campaign of rocket attacks on Israel in May.

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