The toughest interview of a Hamas official yet came from... Saudi Arabian state media?

Ezra Levant recapped some of the worst coverage of the Israel-Hamas war so far, and what may be unexpectedly the best interview of a Hamas official yet.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra reviewed some of the media coverage of the Israel-Hamas war, highlighting egregious examples of distortion from the New York Times and BBC. Last week, the outlets raced to repeat Hamas's lie that Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza and killed 500 civilians, despite there being no evidence other than the word of the terrorist organization itself. 

Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau couldn't wait to get in on spreading what amounted to blood libel about Israel. Only days later did Minister Bill Blair release in a Saturday night news dump that independent Canadian analysis confirmed what Israeli officials had been saying for days — the blast at the hospital was caused by a failed Palestinian rocket. 

"Was he only angry when he thought it was the Jews who were to blame? And now that he knows it was Palestinian terrorists, he doesn't really care," Ezra commented. "We know he doesn't, because Hamas and other terrorist groups launch rockets at Israel every day actually. Hundreds a day, actually, sometimes, and Trudeau never demands accountability for them, does he? Isn't that odd." 

Amid this media distortion, an unexpected source emerged as a beacon of genuine journalism: Al Arabiya, a state broadcaster from Saudi Arabia. In a gutsy move, they conducted a critical interview with Khaled Mashal, the head of Hamas, challenging him on various fronts. The interviewer's boldness in confronting Mashal stood out in comparison to outlets like our own CBC, which still refuses to call Hamas by its name — a terrorist group.

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