Homeless shelter whistleblower reveals dehumanizing policies implemented due to COVID

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There is no denying the traumatic impact that COVID restrictions and policies have had on society. Family businesses passed down through generations have disappeared.

Thousands have been laid-off. Depression and addiction continue to rise.

Generations to come will be paying the tab for economically crippling policies…but sometimes a story comes along that staggers even the most jaded of COVID restrictions cynics.

A brave whistle-blower, Katie DeWitt, has reached out to Rebel News to share with us the horrifying realities taking place at The Mustard Seed in Calgary, Alberta. For those unfamiliar with the organization, The Mustard Seed is one of Calgary's largest homeless shelters. Some of The details Katie shared were almost too troubling to believe, but we were able to confirm a great deal of the allegations she shared with us in written materials from The Mustard Seeds' own documents.

Among the most concerning policies is a COVID protocol that prevents staff from performing CPR on facility residents in order to reduce the risk of spread.

I can think of few things more heartless than a policy that sets as a priority the elimination of a small risk of infection by a virus with a low fatality rate over direct intervention to save a life of a person in immediate medical distress.

Katie shared a number of dehumanizing policies implemented by the facility since the onset of COVID, all of which seem contrary to the mission of helping the homeless community. The needs of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters do not simply evaporate because some bureaucrat changes a policy.

Homelessness does not adhere to the stages of reopening or any other inane governmental rubric.

The situation at The Mustard Seed is a tragic caricature of the broader institutional and governmental response to COVID. Policies designed to slow the spread of disease are themselves yielding fatal consequences.

We reached out to The Mustard Seed for comment, but we have not yet received a response.

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