MEP who challenged Pfizer BLAMES government for false claims

European parliament member Robert Roos says governments need to shoulder the blame over claims made during the pandemic.

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In a revealing interview at the ARC conference in London, European Parliament member Robert Roos discussed the profound impact of COVID-19 policies, pointing fingers at governments rather than pharmaceutical giants.

Roos, who gained widespread recognition for questioning Pfizer's role in the pandemic, pointed out the devastating consequences of government mandates.

"I don't blame Pfizer. They are really a marketing machine making a lot of money. For me, it's not a very honest way of making money. But I blame our governments," Roos declared.

Roos's pivotal question queried the effectiveness of COVID vaccines in preventing the virus's spread, particularly the Pfizer vaccine, at a time when some governments were promoting the role of the vaccine in stopping transmission.

The question exposed the lack of transparency as it was repeatedly claimed on mainstream media channels that the vaccine protected against virus transmission.

As the conversation unfolded, Roos, an experienced electrical engineer, drew parallels between the fear-driven narratives of COVID and climate change. He argued that both issues were exploited to control and manipulate public opinion, criticising the misuse of fear to centralise power.

Roos expressed concerns about the suppression of free speech, citing his own experience of being 'cancelled' from social media platforms for questioning the government.

We also discussed the broader implications of censorship and the dangers posed by legislation such as the Digital Service Act in Europe.

Roos acknowledged the challenging fight against the prevailing narrative but expressed hope, citing the emergence of more conservative governments in Europe as a positive sign.

The interview shed light on the need for continued scrutiny of government actions and the importance of pushing back against restrictive measures.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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