Columbia University anti-Israel protesters block media access to encampment

'If any journalists tried to get in the actual encampment, they were blocked by a combination of students but also teachers too,' said Ezra Levant.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was on the ground at Columbia University as anti-Israel protesters continued their demonstration on campus.

Hundreds of students, faculty and outside agitators have set up an encampment featuring a large number of tents on the campus grounds as they call on the university to divest from any company linked to Israel among other demands.

On Tuesday evening, police moved in and arrested over 100 anti-Israel protesters, some of whom were occupying a university building and barricading its entrances.

Speaking about the demonstrators, Ezra said, "By far, the vast majority of protesters here at Columbia and at the Fashion Institute of Technology and other U.S. campuses — they are not Palestinian."

"They are not Arab, they are not Muslim. In fact many of them are old stock Americans to use the phrase. They're just woke. And by woke I mean they believe in critical race theory and critical theory in general, and a Marxism that's transposed not just on gender and race, but in general the oppressed vs the oppressors."

Ezra went on to say, "They see Israel as the oppressor and Palestinians as the oppressed. And tomorrow it'll be a climate battle. And the week after that it'll be a transgenderism issue....they are for want of a better term, communists who want to tear down America and all its systems."

Anti-Israel protests have erupted across U.S. university campuses in recent weeks, with police being forced to quell a number of illegal demonstrations around the country.

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