How data is manipulated to sell the climate hysteria narrative | Marc Morano

With wildfires being less severe and frequent, climate alarmists pick and choose small samples of data to make extreme weather events seem like bigger issue than they are, says Climate Depot's Marc Morano.

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This summer, wildfires and climate hysteria are all the rage in the legacy media. The United Nations secretary-general, Antonio Guterres, even branded the crisis as “global boiling.”

In reality, meanwhile, the numbers show forest fires are declining in both frequency and severity.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Climate Depot's Marc Morano explained how numbers are being selectively chosen and manipulated to pitch a narrative of fear to the public.

Marc told Ezra that the same principles that apply to making people think they'll win money at a casino or in the lottery are being used to sell climate hysteria:

I call it the “casino effect”.

You walk in a casino, and you see a wall of slot machine winners. There's a $10,000 winner, there's a $100,000 winner — look that person won $300,000. [And you think to yourself], I've got to play the slots, everyone's winning.

It gives you the impression that everywhere, they're paying out huge sums and you've got to play because you're going to be a winner too. Your chances of winning the lottery are very low. The chance of someone somewhere winning the lottery is very high.

So what they do with wildfires, and all extreme weather, is they highlight every single event to show you this is some kind of unprecedented record-breaking event and they combine them all over.

You can always find a lottery winner, you can always find a slot machine winner, and they put (extreme weather stories) together on the nightly news and the corporate media and they run with it as though it's unprecedented — it's not.

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