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“I don't care”: Alberta Health enforcer unsympathetic to $10,000+ in food wasted

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J Rocks Bar and Grill is one of the thousands of Alberta businesses that have been economically devastated by the burdensome and ever-shifting COVID restrictions implemented by Alberta Health Services. While big box stores remain packed, and airplanes can cram flyers together like sardines, small businesses doing their best to comply with provincial regulations are being shuttered over technicalities.

The costs for these businesses extend beyond a lack of customers.

Jayson, the owner of J Rocks, and his kitchen staff suspect they have thrown out over $10,000 worth of food as a result of the latest restaurant closure. We have heard stories of other businesses spending upwards of $15,000 to set up patios and ensure compliance with public health restrictions, only for outdoor dining to be restricted by the government mere days after the work was completed.

J Rocks Bar and Grill is a seven-month-old business. Like so many other up-and-coming enterprises in Alberta, the ongoing restrictions are proving a nearly insurmountable obstacle to survival. Countless families are seeing their family businesses and their dreams evaporate, due to inconsistent and overbearing crisis management.

Jayson is a small business owner and job creator in his community, and many have rushed to offer him aid. Sadly, Jayson also shares that local media outlets have gone out of their way to vilify him, and he has received backlash from a small number of vocal residents as a result.

This story is becoming all too common these days. Mainstream media voices and the Government of Alberta are dividing us at a time that we should be coming together. The small business owner who is just trying to survive is not the enemy of the people. This sentiment was once a given in Alberta, sadly now we must proclaim it lest people forget.

To help Jayson in his economic fight for survival, we will be connecting him with top-tier legal representation at no cost to him. We are able to do this through our initiative. If you go to, you can help fund legal representation for over 1,200 other people who are standing up for freedom. 100 per cent of donations go to The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity, so you will receive a tax receipt for your contribution to the fight for freedom.

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