Illegal bonfires rage on at U of T's 'Little Gaza' encampment

At U of T’s 'Little Gaza,' there are no Canadian flags. But illegal bonfires are okay – just as long as one identifies as an 'Indigenous firekeeper.'

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We last paid a visit to the filthy tent city at the University of Toronto the day after Victoria Day (and we’re sure the rank-and-file members of Hobos for Hamas raised a toast to the mother of confederation the day before).

In any event, it’s still business as usual at “Little Gaza"/“Palestine Martyr’s Square”/“The People’s Circle For Palestine” (indeed, the Hitler Youth squatting here have adopted three names for this shite-hole in less than three weeks – amazingly, “Loserville” never made the cut).

In addition to dozens of tents, there are perhaps close to 100 Palestinian flags flapping in the breeze at King’s College Circle (and yes, the question arises yet again: who’s paying for all this stuff? We know it’s not the derelicts within the encampment).

Also of note: Sandy Welsh, Vice-Provost, Students, recently flagged many disturbing and even dangerous things that are being tolerated by the encampment. That would include a couple of illegal bonfires. Ms. Welsh noticed that a large stockpile of firewood is inside the encampment and that exit points are blocked. She rightfully pointed out in a memo that this represents a clear and present danger to public safety.

Oh-oh. You would think that a woke-joke administrator like Welsh would know that not all illegal bonfires are equal. Which is to say, shortly after flagging this issue, Christine Szustaczek, University of Toronto’s Vice President Communications, submitted a media release to, er, “clarify” things. Ms. Szustaczek states: “The ceremonial fire inside the encampment is burning under the careful supervision of experienced Indigenous Firekeepers in a manner that suits the unique conditions of the site.”

So there!

And where-oh-where is Ms. Welsh these days? We spent hours on campus but couldn’t find this hapless negotiator anywhere. Perhaps she is undergoing sensitivity training for being so Indigenous-phobic?

Don’t you just love it when the loony left eat their own?

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