Is Justin Trudeau's plan to build more housing really just another green-scheme?

Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science appears on The Gunn Show to discuss how the Trudeau Liberals just can't stay in their lane and are inserting themselves into the jurisdiction of cities and towns.

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Trudeau's Liberals are polluting Canadian municipalities with their expensive green schemes.

The federal government is taking advantage of the ideological alignment of the mayors and councils in Canada's big cities to sneak extremist environmental policies in the backdoor.

Trudeau's green housing agenda would see older, more spread-out neighbourhoods with larger homes and beautiful mature trees destroyed and replaced with smaller, high-density housing in "walkable" 15-minute cities and a weird, expensive national tree planting program.

And to get cities to adopt their human-ant-farm housing plan for us all, the feds have tied affordable housing dollars to it, all to the outrage of Alberta's conservative provincial government.

Michelle Stirling from Freinds of Science, who just released a great video on the "municipal tree ponzi" joins to discuss. 

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