Is Montreal becoming more dangerous? Residents react

'She is the worst mayor we've ever had. The city has deteriorated under her leadership,' a Montrealer stated, condemning the mayor over safety concerns and city management.

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Canada has long been perceived as a safe haven, but recent years have brought a different reality. Montreal, in particular, is feeling the effects of rising crime rates, with a recent survey indicating that two out of three Montrealers feel that the city is less safe now compared to five years ago.

"I've been living in Montreal for about six years now," said one resident. "In the past two years, I've had personal experiences with aggression and violence for no reason. There’s a definite increase in homophobic slurs, and the city is getting more expensive, making people more desperate."

Another resident echoed these sentiments, noting, "Murder rates are up, and it's happening in areas where younger people live. You can definitely feel an aggressive air."

However, not all residents agree completely, often comparing Montreal with other major cities in western countries. One person commented, "It's true, it's less safe than five years ago, but we have to realize that times have changed. Montreal is still safer than many other cities in North America and even Europe."

Several residents pointed to specific factors contributing to the increased sense of danger. "There are new drugs on the market that are worse than the hard drugs people used to take," said a long-term resident. "Safety has decreased, but it's more expensive living here now. That might be a reason for the uptick in crime."

Some Montrealers expressed dissatisfaction with the city's management. When asked if the Mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, is doing a good job, many residents seemed to agree that she isn’t. "No, not really," replied one resident. "I don't like the way she has handled situations related to security. She could do better."

Another resident was more critical, saying, "She is the worst mayor we've ever had. The city has deteriorated under her leadership. No fireworks, the Grand Prix isn’t the same, and everyone complains. We can't park, drive, or walk in the city."

Despite the concerns, some residents maintain a positive outlook. "I feel very lucky because Montreal is still a very safe city compared to others worldwide," one person shared.

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