Is the NDP still pretending to be the party of the working class?

Political columnist Lorne Gunter joined Ezra Levant to discuss which groups of people the NDP claim to stand up for versus who their policies truly benefit.

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On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by Lorne Gunter, senior political columnist for the Edmonton Sun, who recently wrote an article titled "NDP hardly the party of ordinary taxpayers and working people." The two discussed whether or not the NDP is still posing as the party of the working class, and who their policies truly benefit. 

“I saw your headline, It's ‘NDP hardly the party of ordinary taxpayers and working people.’ I don't even know if they pretend to be that anymore. I think they're the party of the woke, of the university professors, the environmentalists, of the race critical activists,” Ezra commented.

“No, I think they pretend to be,” replied Mr. Gunter. “I don't think they do anything real to be the party of working people of ordinary citizens of ordinary tool pushes… It represents teachers, nurses, people in the public sector or the public service in the province, in the federal government, people who want bigger government, who think they're hard done by.”

“It's like the PSAC workers who were recently out on strike and were surprised to find that the general public doesn't think of them as hard-done-by little working guys. That's, that's the kind of mentality now that the NDP represents,” he added.

“I agree with you that there is a real collegiality between the NDP and the unions. In fact, Rachel Notley’s husband Lou Arab is a senior executive with the Federal Public,” said Ezra.

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