Islamic Jihad flag waving at pro-Palestine Mississauga rally in Celebration Square

At the demonstration in Celebration Square just outside of Toronto, a young man was seen proudly flying the Islamic Jihad flag used commonly by terrorists such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda on his way to join the pro-Palestine group in Mississauga.

Islamic Jihad flag waving at pro-Palestine Mississauga rally in Celebration Square
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Saturday October 14 saw over a thousand protesters assemble in front of Mississauga’s city hall at Celebration Square to show solidarity for Palestine as Israel completes its mission to destroy Hamas, the terrorist organisation that massacred over 1300 last week.

The joyous demonstration contained several anti-Semtic and pro-terrorism chants in favour of the group and several Jihadist flags were spotted, including the Taliban and ISIS.

Caught just after the start time of 1pm ET for the “All out for Gaza” which described the Hamas terror attack on Israel as “their right to resist colonial occupation.” on the corner of Celebration Square on route to the rally, a man can be seen proudly waving the Islamic Jihad flag.

The flag is associated with groups such as the Islamic State (ISIS) and Al-Qaeda, a militant organisation whose goal is to unite the Muslim world through a violent revolution.

Rebel News’ founder Ezra Levant questioned how a Canadian citizen even has a terrorist flag on-hand for rallies.

“There are sure are a lot of people in Canada who have terrorist flags at home, ready to be used at a moment’s notice," he said.

“Where would you even get one? Might be a question for the police to ask but then again, it’s Missisagua, so Peel Regional Police aren’t allowed to ask such questions.”

An online commenter noted the hypocrisy on the Trudeau government enacting the Emergencies Act on the 2022 Trucker Freedom Convoy, which was a peaceful protest to end all tyrannical COVID mandates on Canadians, but are silent on a terrorist flag flown on Canadian soil.

“Where is the Liberal outrage? Honking horns & bouncy castles sure triggered them. But this… Crickets…”

Rebel’s Mission Specialist, David Menzies reported on the mass gathering of terrorist sympathisers, and was interrupted by a hijab wearing woman who gloated in her support of Hamas and justified their massacre, rape and hostage taking against innocent Israeli civilians as justified.

Later as the rally continued to take the streets of the downtown, an investigative citizen journalist captured a truck driving with the pro-Palestine crowd waving several Taliban flags outside of their windows. The organisers and volunteers of the rally attempt to block her camera that records them asking those men to leave.

This past Monday, October 16 saw Rebel News’ producer Lincoln Jay confront former Transport Minister and Liberal MP for Mississauga Centre, Omar Alghabra, on the streets of Ottawa on whether he will denounce the Hamas terror attacks. He disgracefully declined to answer.

Sign our petition at to demand the Canadian government to deport non-citizens who are abusing the privilege of being in our country by supporting the terrorist organisation.

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