Israel 'needs our 100% support': former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman

Avi Yemini speaks with former State leader at ARC conference in London on how our once-treasured Western institutions have 'completely lost the plot'.

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While attending the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) conference in London, Rebel News Chief Australian Correspondent Avi Yemini bumped into former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman.

An invitee to the conference, the former premier said he was “inspired” to see so many people come together to push back against radical left-wing policies spreading across the Western world.

Having seen Avi's coverage from Israel, which can be viewed at, Newman said the current conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas was “connected” to the topics discussed at the conference.

Newman explained:

We've got a proper, functioning democracy with the rule of law, with free media, with the respect for human rights which was attacked by a barbaric group of terrorists who run a single-party state, who oppress their own people, who have engaged in systematic deliberate butchering, rape, murder — terrible atrocities.

And yet, we've got the left around the world supporting them. It is just perverse. It shows the moral bankruptcy of people on the left in Western democracies, it shows how our universities, the colleges in the United States, our schools and indeed our media have completely lost the plot.

The war, Newman said, provided an opportunity for Hamas, the terror organisation which governs the Gaza Strip, to be eradicated and replaced with a government that respects human rights and the international rule of law.

Global organisations like the United Nations should be advocating for this approach not pushing for a ceasefire, he said.

Shifting the conversation from the political left to the right, Avi pointed out that many who previously supported freedom movements during COVID-19 lockdowns and mandates have taken Hamas' side.

“I just think they're misguided,” Campbell, who was a vocal supporter of the freedom movement during the pandemic, responded. “That's why we've got to start to stand up and explain the facts of life. There is absolutely no other way that I can see that Israel can deal with this.”

Comparing the fight against Hamas to the Second World War, he added that these people “would be calling for the Russians, the Americans and the British to stop the advance on Berlin and sign a peace treaty with Hitler. The Allies had to go into Berlin in 1945 because that was the only way to liberate the German people from the tyranny of the Nazis.”

This tough decision, Campbell says, ultimately led to the freedom and reconstruction of Germany and to punishing the perpetrators of the Holocaust.

“It's no different now,” he added. “We have to allow the Israelis to go in. They need our 100% support, and if we care about human rights and freedom et cetera, what we should be focusing on is how do we rebuild the Gaza Strip after this?”

The former premier noted that while he supports a two state solution, it's paramount that the Palestinians living in that new state would be have the same freedoms those in a Westernised country like Israel have.

“I'd challenge some of these young female Instagrammers [on the left] to go down and wear a skimpy outfit or bikini on the shore of the Mediterranean in downtown Gaza. You wouldn't get away with that sort of stuff,” Newman notes.

“It's time for the left to be exposed, it's time for us all to speak up and push back really hard on this sort of stuff,” he said.

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